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Start Your Child’s Tarbiyat Based Education

Start Your Child’s <span>Tarbiyat</span> Based Education

Welcome to our Minhaj Learning & Research Center, a nurturing haven where young minds embark on a transformative journey of faith and character.

Here at MLRC, we impart the fundamentals of Islam while fostering moral and ethical growth of your children. Our mission is to illuminate their hearts with knowledge and compassion, empowering them to become exemplary global citizens.

Our mission is to provide a holistic Islamic education, nurturing young minds in Quranic studies, Islamic theology, ethics, and history. We aim to instill faith, character, and a strong sense of community, preparing our students to lead meaningful, righteous lives and contribute positively to the world.

Our vision is to be a beacon of excellence in Islamic education, inspiring students to embrace their faith and moral values while excelling academically. We aspire to create compassionate leaders who promote peace, tolerance, and positive change in our global community, grounded in the teachings of Islam.

Our story began with a shared commitment to provide a nurturing and enriching Islamic education. Founded by a dedicated group of educators, parents, and community members, we envisioned an academy where children could grow academically and spiritually.

Start Your Child’s <span>Tarbiyat</span> Based Education



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Learning That’s Tailored
To Them Learning That’s <span class="color-f66a1d">Tailored</span> <span class="br"><br></span> To Them

Tarbiyat based learning

Tarbiyat based learning

At MLRC, we dedicate ourselves to nurturing character. Our young learners embrace moral values and principles, fostering a foundation for lifelong excellence.

Interactive Learning of Islam

Interactive Learning of Islam

At MLRC, the kids learn Quranic Nazra, Islamic Studies, Islamic Theology, Islamic Etiquette, Moral Values, and Islamic History in in interactive and age-appropriate classroom sessions.

Co-curricular actvivities

Co-curricular actvivities

Islamic art and calligraphy allow children to express their creativity while incorporating the beauty and symbolism of Islamic culture. We engage children in such activities.

Learning That’s <span class="color-f66a1d">Tailored</span> <span class="br"><br></span> To Them

See How MLRC Works

See How <span>MLRC</span> Works

See Our Student’s Testimony Here

An exciting journey of <span>discovery and exploration of Islam</span>

An exciting journey of discovery and exploration of Islam An exciting journey of <span>discovery and exploration of Islam</span>

At MLRC, we strive to create an environment where children can grow, learn, and develop a deep love and understanding of Islam.

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